9 inch Ford Diffs we don't skimp on cheap parts and here is why

 by kustombitz on 12 Dec 2017 |
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So by now you would have seen a wide variety of prices on Ford 9 inch diff components, housings and axles. So of the cheaper stuff who's is up to scratch, a good question and one which comes up alot in my workshop and I would like to address it here. Honnestly you will never really know until you break it, and there in lays the problem, are you prepared to spend less and end up with problems? If I supply a 9" diff for your hot rod or custom car I dont want issues with it, I will buy the best parts from reputable suppliers that support me and I trust that have good gear, I am not interested in making money on those components or being the cheapest supplier, I want to be known for good work and putting together an accurately built housing and link set up for your car.  I do buy the best axles and make no money on them, hence I recieve some flack around the traps as you would imagine.

The usual statement I hear is "it's not a drag car ..... etc. etc."  Yeah so why did Ford put so many 9 inch diffs in un modified production passenger cars. You know it is a costly process to produce good metalurgy and it takes experience to repeat it time after time in production. Well produced parts last the distance, while other parts don't.  If you get a chance pick up and hold one of those cheap aftermarket 9" diff housings along side a regular Ford housing, they will be alot lighter and hence weaker, more suseptable to fatigue, bending etc. A Borg warner diff will have less flex than these cheap units.  The main concern when selecting parts for any road car is long term fatigue, you should know by now that cheaply produced metal fatigues real quick and can therefore break, it is no more complex than that. 

For me it's a no brainer, don't skimp on parts. Rant over.


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