June 2016

Degreeing in the camshaft gives an important base line

 by kustombitz on 09 Jun 2016 |
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Not many novices go to this length but it is the best sure way of knowing that all the components you have bought are timed correctly. If they are out, for what ever reason, then it leads to all sorts of problems when up and running and you will be thinking its spark or fuel and you will end up chasing your tail for days with no results.  So if you are dead sure the engine insides are right ie. having porperly checked them, then there is only spark and fuel left to tune once up and running.

Electric Wipers for the 38 Plymouth project - New Port Engineering

 by kustombitz on 09 Jun 2016 |
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The Australian models of the 38 Plymouth [and dodge] had the wipers down on the bottom of the windscreen and service parts just dont exist, not to mention they are fairly flimsy anyway and well worn and rusted by now.  The solution was to fit this electric wiper kit from New Port Engineering to the top of the windscreen like they were on the US models.  However the Aussie body has some differences in the top of the windscreen that mean the holes have to sit higher for the meachanism to clear on the inside, so you can't use their template supplied otherwise you end up wiith holes that you need to fill again. Apart from that these New Port Engineering wiper kits are very well made and the new wiper arms look the ducks nuts.

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