June 2017

F100 rear 4 link, pan hard bar and coil overs with notched chassis

 by kustombitz on 28 Jun 2017 |
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Kustom Bitz has developed a 4 link system that requires minimal chassis modifications.  The bottom bars use the original front spring hangers and the top bars have a bolt on double shear bracket.  This unit was installed on a daily driver of which travels home on a few dirt roads so nice paint underneath was not important but good engineering was very important. We make up our own rubber bushed 4 bars of which are lager and heavier construction than conventinal hot rod or drag car bars so they are well suited to the weight of the truck.  Kustom bitz can also perfrom the EA to AU falcon independant front end installation on these models. Each installation is externally engineered, and certificate provided. Call us for more details.

Kustom Bitz Custom IFS air bag for R6 air bags. Designed for good ride quality.

 by kustombitz on 28 Jun 2017 |
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This pic shows one of our Hot Rod IFS units before it left the workshop.  This one was set up to take an R6 air bag on each side, have full shocker travel for ride tuning and have a total of 5" of drop from ride height.  The problem with conventional coil over style air bags is the limited travel, typically you only get half of this drop which does not have the desired dramatic effect that this design gives. However this can not be designed as a bolt in unit, the chassis has to be altered to suit the IFS unit.  I am running a Flaming River manual steering rack, the Straight arrow model.  Here at Kustom Bitz we can set these racks up properly and modify them when correct geometry requires it.

New AussieSpeed Marine manifolds for 253 308 Holden V8 ski baot

 by kustombitz on 08 Jun 2017 |
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A common issue with the older speed boats from the 70's and 80's is that the alloy exhaust heat exchanger manifolds, commonly called marine manifiolds, are quite often rusted through and very thin.  This effectively leaks water too close to the exhaust ports and there is a danger of too much water entering the exaust valve and into the cylinder, which can terminate engine parts.  Here I have fitted our new AussieSpeed marine manifolds to a 308 Holden V8 whihc is sitting in a Flycraft clika ski boat.  I was able to rewok the stainless steel pipes to suit.  I can make new pipes too if need be.

Custom made 50's style dash board top for the 1958 Morris J Type

 by kustombitz on 08 Jun 2017 |
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The Morris J type vans were never this fancy.  This one a 1958 model is a full custom build up. I wanted to capture that 50's style dash of the aussie and yankee cars of that era, even though the Morris never had a dash as such, it was more like a small turret with a steering wheel. An under dash brake booster and master cylinder is hidden behind all this too.

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