High Energy Performance Ignition Systems

Performance ignition components for Holden, Valiant, Chrysler, Ford, Chevy V8 and 6 cylinder engines, distributor, spark plug leads, dizzy cap, ignition module, high energy coil and more. CDI and DIS ignitions for Turbo and Supercharged engines. Late model stand alone distributorless ignition systems that do not require any OEM ECU or controls.
Kustom Bitz can now supply High energy ignition systems for performance engines and tow vehicles. We also have workshop facilities to install and set up your new ignition system.
After market Performance ignitions generally fall into three technologies, that being CDI or DIS or distributorless.
Ignition Jargon
Capacitor Discharge Ignition systems which is the technology Crane Cams HI6 Fireball series and the MSD 6A, 6AL, MSD7 etc is generally referred to as.
The CDI systems are the old faith full and have been around for a long time in many street and race applications. We have run both the HI6 and the MSD 6A ignitions successfully for some time now in our own vehicles.
DISDigital Inductive Spark which is the new technology the ICE Ignition is based upon.
The ICE Digital Inductive Spark technology is highly regarded as the most powerful and reliable solution for extracting maximum power from any engine running a distributor and one coil, burning pump petrol, methanol or LP Gas and Kustom Bitz can now offer kits for 6 cylinder and V8 engines.
A Performance ignition advantage over a stock OEM ignition;
  • Easier starting
  • Smoother idle
  • Cleaner burning plugs
  • Better mid range torque
  • More top end power
All performance engines will benefit from a performance ignition system, the more fuel you cram into the cylinder for the piston to compress ~ the harder it is for the spark to jump the gap at the spark plug because the air is thicker and has more resistance. This problem is increased dramatically in a turbo charged or supercharged engine.

These systems we offer are so powerful we joke around stating that they could burn dishwashing liquid in you engine if we wanted to, of course it can’t though but you get the idea right’ …….
The ICE Ignition has some further advantages
  • A much stronger and fatter spark than a CDI right though the rpm range
  • This fatter spark is perfect for the new pump fuels of today and is a much better option for turbo and supercharger equipped engines
  • Selectable Multiple Electronic Advance curves
  • No moving springs and weights in the dizzy to fail or come loose
  • Matched component kits
  • Australian design and support
  • 3 year warranty
  • Proven race reliability
  • Consistent engine masters winner
Distributorless ignition - which is what all modern engines with coil packs fall under and they use the OEM ECU to control the spark timing and advance. Kustom Bitz now has simple to adjust, stand alone units to do away with the OEM electronics, which lend themselves perfectly for carburetor conversions on late engines and you do not need a computer, or a science degree to set them up.

Our distributorless ignitions use a crank trigger wheel to determine piston location for spark timing and fire coil packs in a waisted spark arrangement similar to OEM systems, but we do not monitor the camshaft rotation.  The advantages of this is;
  • Accuracy of crankshaft timing trigger
  • The coil gets to charge up over a full 360deg of crankshaft rotation becasue you have one coil for every two cylinders. Which gives you more spark energy for one big spark right up to an incredible 10,000rpm
  • No moving parts like in a dizzy
  • You can run more static timing [great for big ported heads]
  • Fully adjustable advance curve to cater for naturally aspirated.
  • And in the same unit, boosted engines requiring retarded timing in the upper rpm when under boost
  • Built in rpm limiter
  • Requires no computer and no programming.
It does require however the ability to understand electrical drawings, wiring and follow a detailed manual, swing a spanner and make brackets. So if you are not a tech head, you should consider getting Kustom Bitz to install your distributorless ignition system for you. Once installed it is quite easy to tweak and dial in.

You can purchase your new ignition system through Kustom Bitz, we can supply a DIS ICE ignition system, a CDI Crane Cams HI6 series ignition, or an Electromotive-inc XDI distributor-less ignition, and if you require installation we can do that too ~ POA [priced on application]. We will even install one of these ignition systems if you have purchased it through someone else ~ although some conditions apply please enquire.
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