Hot Rod Scoop Install ~ Ski Boat Engine Cover.

Our mid mount 302 Ford Windsor V8 powered Skicraft clinker received a new engine recently, however in the rebuild I fitted an Isky 270 Mega cam and a Holley 650 Double pumper. 
The carbie change lead to clearance problems that meant I had to cut a hole in the top of the engine cover. Now I did not want water splashing in over the engine each time some wet clown dripped all over it, nor did I want a hot arse when I sat on the engine box in my shorts, so the ideal solution was to install one of the AussieSpeed old school looking finned Hot Rod scoops.
To install it I took a cereal box and marked out the outline of the scoop to give myself a template.
Then I cut around the outside of the line by about 2 mm [1/8 inch] or so.
Now flip the scoop upside down and place the template over the bottom of the scoop and push nails through the cardboard where each of the M6 tapped fixings are in the bottom of the scoop.
Now we have an accurate template to mark out the holes we need to drill through our engine cover.
Now the main hole in the cover for the air cleaner ~ spark arrestor, can only go where it needs to go, so work out the position of the hole and cut it as neat as you can using a power jigsaw. It may need to be a little elongated like this one to clear the air cleaner as it swings open and back. Yeah, yeah ….. my hole is a little bit rough but hey the scoop will cover it ……..
IMPORTANT – before you cut your hole make sure it is not wider than your scoop.
Now place the scoop in a position that covers up the hole and looks central on top of the engine box.
Mark this position so you can place your template to mark out the holes to drill for the fixings. Now drill the holes.
I decided to use some cut down stainless steel all thread for studs and then used stainless steel nuts under the engine box to pull the scoop down evenly.
So there you have it, easy to install, practical and it looks great ………… Ron

Hot Rod Scoop install on Skiboat

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