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Rack and Pinion Steering conversions - Custom one off steering racks converted

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Steering racks shortened or widened to suit custom applications. Pivot points altered to suit your suspension geometry. Rack only or complete custom installations. Racks altered ~ Priced from.

Product Description
So you can't find an aftermarket rack conversion for your favourite custom car, then it will have to be a custom one off conversion.  Kustom Bitz is quite familiar altering both manual and power steering racks to get the pivot points working correctly with your existing front suspension geometry. Rear mount or front mount racks, it all can be done.  Kustom Bitz can alter the rack only to suit your measurements, or we can take on the complete conversion and fit it to the car including steering linkages, unis and steering column mods.

Typically we use local Ford or Holden racks and components, but we do work on Flaming River racks also.  There are quite a few variations in rack ends and rack lengths and you can only shorten them so far before you run out of enough lock to lock travel. A lot may be dependant on the availability of an appropriate tie rod with the correct taper to connect to your stub axle, or we may need to ream the taper out a bit if there is enough material left in the steering arm.  It's not always a straight forward solution, and in some instances not possible with out moving the engine higher to get clearance for the rack. So if you want a well thought out steering conversion then Kustom Bitz should be high on your list of people to talk to.

Should a rack conversion not be suitable we can do conventional steering box conversions too.

Kustom Bitz can also alter your steering column to keep the inside of your car looking fairly stock, even using the old manual column gear change as your automatic transmission gear selector.  Some example pics are shown here.

All custom rack conversions is done at an hourly rate. Price above is indicative for typical rack modifications if your requirements is fairly straight forward.  A complete evaluation, design and install, with custom made mounts, custom made adaptors, etc. and a brand new rack can be 2 to 5 times this amount depending on the work involved.

Individual conversions can can be provided with an independant engineers report at extra cost, and at the engineers standard rates.  Please note that the engineer will then assess the vehicle as a whole and is unlikely to issue an engineers report for just the steering if the rest of the car is non compliant to current modified vehicle rules.

Please read the following before you phone me

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.   I am just ringing to bleed your brains .... blah blah blah ...
A.   Please don't I am under the pump most days and have proper work to do. Get organised with useful facts and info, read the rest of the qestions and answers here, then ring me.

Q.   What rack should I use on my "xxxx" OR What rack would you use on my "xxxx".
A.   I Don't know we would have to asess it first to see whats suitable. In some cases nothing may be suitable for technical reasons.

Q. Do you have a kit to suit my "xxxx".
A. We do not do kits, we do properly evaluated conversions and installation.

Q. Can you install a steering rack conversion I have purchased from elsewhere?
A.  Yes no problem, glad to help.

Q. Tell me what rack I should use on my "xxxx"
A.   No.

Q.   Can you custom make me a rack.
A.   Generally we modify comonly available OEM or after market steering racks.  However we now can custom make a rack to pivot widths as narrow as 530mm in a power steering rack and down to 430mm or there abouts in the pivot points in a manual steering rack. I prefer to measure, supply and fit these racks so that they are right. Yes they are expensive and no you cannot return them, ever. Priced on application.

Q. Can you shorten a steering rack to suit a "xxxx"
A.   Probably not, it is difficult to shorten most late model racks becasue they have no meat where you need it. Also as you shorten them you run out of lock to lock travel which leads to a poor turning circle.  It would need a proper evaluation, there are other ways to achive narrow inner tie rod pivot points and that may be suitable.

Q.   I need more lock to lock travel, I have an after market IFS fitted to my car OR I have a steering rack conversion kit fitted to my car and it has a terrible turning circle and or bump steer.
A.   There is a technical trade off with some conversions and in most cases it will be turning circle and in really poor designs it will be bump steer.  I can't solve it over the phone I would have to look at it.

Q.   I have a lot of bump steer can you fix it.
A.   Yes, but not over the phone I would have to look at it.

Q. What does an evaluation cost.
A.   If you rock up to our door with the car, a quick look to see your problem costs nothing.  If we have to start pulling a rack apart to do a quick evaluation while you wait then we charge you for 1hr at our standard hourly rates. If we have to spend time sourcing a suitable solution there is a 3hr minimum charge. Or moving straight onto a proper evaluation to asess bump steer, what may be a suitable solution, work out pivot points etc. and source suitable parts will run into a few hours work at our standard hourly rates before we even get to the conversion phase.

Q. I am interstate and I can not get the car to you I just need you to make me a rack to my measurements.
A. Sorry can't help you.  The correct question is "I am interstate and I have found a rack that will work, the mounting is right, I have mounted it and the steering link is in the right spot with plenty of clearance and I have nutted out how to connect up the tie rod ends and the steering link. So I need to push the pivot points out a bit and I have an accurate measurment, and I might need adaptors made for the tie rod ends and I have done an accurate well thought out drawing with all critical dimensions" , ok then now I should be able to help you. It may well be that if you are that well thought out, a custom new rack, made to suit might be an alternative option too. 

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