Alloy Valve covers for the Holden 186 202 inline straight 6 cylinder engines and alloy side plates by AussieSpeed. To suit all Holden red blue and black motors 186, 202, EH, HD, HR, HG, HT, HQ, HJ, HZ, Premier, Kingswood, Belmont six cylinder models. Holden red motors were also installed in Bedford vans and utes and of course the six cylinder model Holden Torana LC and LJ of which the most sought after model is the GTR Torana made famous by 9 time Bathurst winner the late Peter Brock when he first started his motor racing career in a six cylinder Holden Torana powered by a stinkin' hot red motor. These AussieSpeed rocker covers also suit the later 3300 blue and black motors that came out in the Holden Commodore series VB, VC, VK six cylinder models.

AussieSpeed sand cast alloy valve covers and side plate for the GMH Holden 186 Red motor Holden 202 Red motors the later 202 black and blue engines also referred to as the Holden 3300 black motor and the Holden 3300 Blue motors.  The Holden red motor was the 9 port engine with siamessed inlet ports and the later blue and black motors were the 12 port head with individual inlet ports. Note that all the rocker covers for all engines had the same base and bolt pattern on the various model heads, so although each engine may have had different oil breathers all the valve covers are interchangeable

The AussieSpeed rocker covers are larger on the inside so they clear all roller rocker styles and large diameter racing double valve springs. NOTE: that the outside edge of the AussieSpeed valve cover for the Holden six is inline with the outer edge of the stock tin valve covers, that is to say the outside wall of the AussieSpeed alloy rocker cover follows the outside edge of the stock tin cover.  So that may have engine bay clearance issues at the back of the engine to the firewall on some models, so check your stock pressed tin tappet cover for clearances in the vertical plane from the outer edge of the pressed tin lip at the bottom.  You will also need to grind a tad [5mm] off the back of the water neck lip at the font of the engine, and they are also allot taller than stock, we made them for performance so they will fit the best engine internals, it is up to you to make a hottie engine fit within your engine bay.

Holden Red Motor 186 202 Valve covers

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