Traction bars for leaf spring rear ends. Remember the old slapper bars or tramp rods as I used to call them? Darn things used to hit every thing and get hung up on gutters ........ well not any more with the new style from Kustom Bitz.
Slapper bars custom fit tramp rods

The Kustom Bitz traction bars are designed to go with our leaf spring clamp plates, they have location tabs and are shapped for maximum strength and ground clearance.  We sell them in kits so you can weld them up yourself and tailor them to suit your car as you see fit or you can get us to weld them up once you have done some trial fitting.  They come in two styles, straight and kicked up. The stright ones are for fairly flat springs and the kick up style are for springs with more of a curve, the kick up at the front gives better ground clearance on street driven cars.

The basic idea behind the traction bars is to prevent spring wind up and stop the leaf spring hopping when under hard acceleration.  They will help the car hook up and smack the tyre down for more grip on the road and less tyre spin.  They act similar to ladder bars in principal but not quite as effective as a well installed ladder bar or cal track style traction system, however they are cost effective, easier to install and do not require floor or chassis mods so you can keep the floor pan and spring mounts original.  They work well in cars with mild street engines up to about 350-400hp

And becasue we have made them to suit our wide range of diff hanger brackets you are able to install them in a wide variety of set ups in both wide and narrow spring applications.  The following pictures shows the prototypes I have been running on my XC falcon for some time now. They do sit quite low, in this instance I have 14 inch rims and a 1 3/4 inch lowering block plus the spring clamp bushes, a 15 inch diameter rim would be a better engineered solution in this instance but it gives you an idea how to set them up.


 The best thing about slapper bars is being able to give it a boot full without the tyre spin and drawing attention to yourself on the street, I have found they even knock down and eliminate the tyre spin when the shift kit in my c10 slams into second gear.

Finished chromed tramp rod as shown in the picture above and below is our demo example to show you how all the individual parts can be welded up and taylored to suit your individual set up on your vehicle.  This unit is a hamburger with the lot .... to show both styles of shock absorber mounts.  Now this is just our interpretation of how it can be assembled ........... the whole idea of providing a weld up kit is for you to get quality cut pieces of steel that you can assemble as you see fit. 


So to make up your kit select from the parts listed below.  You will need to decide if you need a straight version or a angled up version. You will need to know the diameter of your diff axle tube and the width or your leaf spring so as you can select the correct clamp plates.  Then you need to study how the shock absorber mounts and select the lower shocker mounting brackets.

If you are not good at welding we can weld it up for you if you get it tacked up and together so it will all fit.  The big thing to note is that all custom cars are slightly different and they are usually super low, with different springs, etc. so ground clearance is always tight, a millimeter here or there can make all the difference to a good out come ......... which is why we do not offer standard welded up versions.

However if you are local to Croydon and you want to bring the car in we can have a look, take some measurments and weld a pair up for you. POA.

Note all welding and fitting work is at extra cost at our standard work shop hourly rates.

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How to weld up a Kustom Bitz Tramp Rod flat pack
How to weld up a Kustom Bitz Tramp Rod flat pack

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