Getting Technical on the Lakes IFS


These are the strongest street legal aftermarket IFS your money can buy. That’s right these once piece ‘A’ arms or front wishbones are solid cast 304 stainless steel all in one piece with absolutely no welding on any stressed suspension component.

These Lakes independent front control arms are as strong as the grade 8 bolts that hold them in. No fabricated tubular parts to bend and no welds that could break with fatigue. We use only the best quality raw materials and the most modern casting methods available to ensure a quality product on every casting.

Lakes Hot Rod parts are designed here in Australia and all components are made from high quality steels that are fit for purpose.

Standard Easy to get replacement parts.
One of the biggest issues in setting up custom front ends is getting parts when the car is old. The lakes IFS uses readily and commonly available OEM and aftermarket parts for the brake rotors, brake callipers, bearings, ball joints, rack and pinion steering, bushes, bolts and coil over shockers. When you buy a Lakes front end from KustomBitz you are not locked into any specialty parts or obsolete parts that wear, so it makes it easier and cheaper to keep your car on the road as it ages.

The beauty of coil over shock absorbers is the adjustment available from a wide variety of brands and spring rates available for them. If you are not happy with the ride it is an easy thing to change and experiment with and tune to get your street rod the way you want it. Our Lakes front ends use standard length coil over shockers with 1/2 hole through the sleeves in the bushed ends.

We can supply coil overs or you can use any 13 inch eye to eye [open] coil over shockers from a wide variety of manufacturers. You can also adjust the spring preload by winding up the adjuster under the coil spring. Varous spring rates are available. We can also supply the IFS with suitable air bag suspension.  The type of air bag suspension parts you would choose is the type that directly replaces a coil over shocker like these. Now Air Bag suspensions come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure it will fit before you buy it.  Pay attention to the diameter of the air bag, as it is important in that it will not be too large and interfear with the operation of the top wish bone A arm through out the suspensions full travel.

IMPORTANT; In the past after the parts have left our shop, we have seen coil over springs installed that are so stiff that the suspension does not move. If your suspension does not move or if it is too stiff you WILL eventually break parts and or crack your chassis, that is for sure, no matter how strong it may be. Please don’t fall into this trap, remember ... " that which does not flex, will break " ... it applies to all rigid structures that get shock loads placed on them.

The castor angle [king pin angle] is set when you install it in the chassis, the camber angle is set on the upper control arm by removing the upper bolt and turning the bushed adjuster ends. They are UNF, a fine thread so you have full camber refinement.

The upper solid wishbone is threaded at the chassis end and a readily available nylon bushed street legal adjusters screw into it with a locking nut to secure it. The upper wishbone pivot is a readily available grade 8 black bolt, so there are no fancy parts to buy when you car has done thousands of miles and the bushes need replacing.

In theory there is some tweaking available in the castor angle because of the upper control arm adjusters, however you do have to be mindful that if you tweak it too much you are placing extra pressure on the bushes and they will ware prematurely. It is just simpler to install it in the right place at the right angle in the first place. Once your geometry is set it should never need changing, if you have issues down the track it will be from worn parts and not from your castor and camber settings.

Now you may want to note that this IFS front end is primarily designed for street driven cars and Hot Rods that see genuine road miles and it is not a light weight racing front end with infinite suspension tuning adjustments. There are no eccentric adjustment bolts to come loose, wear and twist. And no adjustment locking grub screws to bugger up. It is strong, functional, robust, fit for purpose and looks exceptional.

The main sticking point in the past with any engineering certification on a vehicle has been to satisfy the certifying engineer that all the welded points are strong and not subject to stress, fatigue and early failure. That is not to say it is impossible to do, but it does create issues and some engineers flatly refuse to look at such fabricated suspension arms. Lakes independent front ends solve this issue.

Now you maybe thinking can I fit these arms to my existing front end? In short the answer is no. What we are offering you here is an engineered solution of matched components with the correct geometry built in to the supplied cross member. The location of the steering rack and the pivot points of the suspension arms are all sorted, there is no guessing or trial and error here. All that is left is to get it square and level in the chassis. However we will look at engineering custom cross members if we do not have a model listed for your car ~ priced on application.

The Lakes IFS is available in left hand and right hand drive positions, so updating a recently imported Hot Rod from the USA is much simpler, becasue if you wish to you can leave it left hand drive. 

BALL JOINT FAILURES - Due to a lack of maintenance
A rumour has it, that our IFS uses the wrong ball joints and they are prone to failure, this is complete rubbish. We already use a bigger ball joint than most of our competition and it was checked for suitablity in this application.  There has only been two cases reported of a ball joint failing. In both instances the owners failed to properly investigate what was the cause of vibrations and knocking coming from the front end and just kept driving the cars around that way. One instance was clearly a worn out ball joint from the miles it had travelled and it finally wore through its teflon lining and its steel case and poped out all together. The other instance was a fatigued taper from the ball joint not being seated well and properly tightened up in the tappered hole of the stub axle from when the car was finally assembled after paint. This led to it banging around in the hole in the stub axle for about 2 years before it failed. Interesting enough there was no damage to the stub axle hole which is testament  to the quality of the materials we use. It is important to remember that Hot Rods need maintance too and that any knocks or vibrations need to be identified and sorted out.  Don't take any notice of your mates throw away comment of "Dont worry about it ..... all hot rods vibrate" because that's just crap.  If you are unsure Kustom Bitz can assess and perform the maintenance for you.

The dimensions of the Lakes IFS is such that the upper spring tower and the upper A arm will provide room for a fully fendered 28, 32 or a 34 Ford and Chev without the need for modifying the front mud guards

Click on the picture to view larger

The dimensions of the A arms pivot to the bolt face of the disc rotor where the wheel bolts on are fixed [shown in white], however the overall width from wheel face to wheel face and the gap for the chassis rails can be changed [shown in orange in the picture]. For variations on the above dimensions please submit your requirements to or give Ron a call on 0407 818 511 to see how feasible your application might be.

Installing a Lakes IFS in a hot rod chassis or a light truck like and early F100 or Freighter is relatively easy, however I know not all of you are hot rodders and some of you will wish to install one in a mono construction car like a Mustang, Falcon, early holden or a jap body of some sort. This is all possible however it may or may not require altering your engine position to make room for the crossmember itself. Now in some cases it may be a simple case of altering the sump [oil pan] of the engine, but in others it may require considerable rework of the engine location.  The other thing to consider is you will be altering the way suspension loads are transfered to the cars frame so some areas of the car's frame may need to be strengthened.  Anyway that is for you to sort out how to go about it, I am just pointing it out so you can carefully consider where you are heading. Should you decide to want to go this way then Kustom Bitz can offer to do the fitting, sub frame alterations and strengthening to suit. All custom work is done at an hourly rate.

So many people assume so many things and just remember it wrong; this is the low down for all states. Your Vehicle is certified by a state rego branch approved certifying automotive engineer who looks at the whole car taking into account all the modifications and parts used.

The Lakes front end comes with a load rating certificate and we will deal direct with your engineer to satisfy them with technical information they might require. For structural modifications like suspensions and chassis etc. your modified car gets engineer certifed as whole by your engineer, that's what makes it legally modified. Simply installing the parts yourself may not make it a legal modification, so seek professional advice.

You will need proof of purchase and that it is our Lakes IFS front end installed in the car in question to receive engineering support. KustomBitz is happy to assist with preliminary engineering information to allow you to make a decision if our IFS is right for you, however we request a decent deposit towards the cost of the standard IFS before we get too technically involved with your engineering, to show us you are genuine. Sadly we have been hardened up a bit by some time wasters and a previous intance of someone trying to pass off a chassis with a Lakes IFS when it was clearly not.

We recommend that all KustomBitz products and components are to be installed by a suitably qualified trade person or a competent person. We also state that all vehicle modifications should be done within the guidance from a certifying automotive engineer.  It is important for you to consider the safety of not only yourself but also your passengers and other road users, so please ensure your custom car, hot rod, street machine or what ever you drive is the best it can be.

KustomBitz product & installation disclaimer;

Indemnity: The installer shall indemnify Kustom Bitz, the author, its consultants, personnel and all others involved in providing our goods and services in respect of any claims, demands, damages, proceedings, costs, charges and other expenses caused by, arising out of or in any way connected with any special, consequential, direct or indirect loss, damage, harm or injury suffered by any person arising out of this document, publication, the sale or the goods and services supplied pursuant to it.

For those who fail to understand legal jargon; being dumb and ignorant is no excuse, do your homework, you need to make yourself aware, do not install parts wrong, follow the rules, make it strong and legal, and if you have stuffed up or what ever, don’t go blaming us or others, take responsibility, make it right, learn from your mistakes and move on.

Lakes IFS - Technical

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