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Hot Rod IFS font ends by Kustom Bitz

Kustom Bitz manufactures these high quality and strong IFS cross members with solid one piece stainless steel suspension arms that have no welding on them what so ever, so there are no welds to fatigue and potentially fail on the most highly stressed component in the front end. Only the best quality steel is used to manufacture our front ends and don't let any one else tell you otherwise. Kustom Bitz follows best engineering practice at all times and we don't compromise on parts. Building to a price just to get sales is NOT what we are about.


Our one piece A arms, front wishbones are investment cast 304 stainless steel, formed completely in one piece. These are the strongest street legal aftermarket IFS your money can buy and is far superior to tubular fabricated A arms. Our stub axles are one piece, we think the use of a bolt in tapered shaft for the hubs to spin on, [like our competition uses to keep costs down] is not best engineering practice. Automotive engineers should be much more comfortable giving engineering approval to your ride when you install a complete Kustom Bitz front end.

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All our standard IFS and our custom IFS units are tig welded in a clever welding jig developed by Kustom Bitz to deliver accurate repeat-ability and accurately locate the components to a tolerance of + or - 1mm.


The geometry of our Kustom Bitz hot rod front ends has been developed over 20+ years of trial and error. It is based on unequal length A arms like many OEM front ends so it lends itself to a wide variety of street applications. The cross member is shaped as such to allow it to fit in early body styles with out modifying the mud guards and we can also fit it to many later body styles too.

Wilwood brakes supplied and fitted no problem
hot rod ifs  Hot Rod front ends 

Fitting of IFS front ends, we will even fit front ends other than our own so if you have bought something else and are now worried about setting it up properly, or if it is fit for purpose, then give Kustom Bitz a call and we can fit it for you. All fitting work is done at an hourly rate.


Standard front ends for 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 Fords
33, 34 Chevrolet, 41 Willys, other models are done as customs POA.

Standard Kustom Bitz IFS offer local commonly available brake rotors and calipers

Big brake upgrades using local components are also available. All our brake upgrades are well thought out engineered designs with proper dust covers and caliper mounts that place the brake rotor and caliper in a factory like position as you would expect with a high quality front end.

Standard Kustom Bitz IFS Features at a glance
• Complete front end solution – engineered product - custom front ends not a problem
• One piece solid 304 stainless steel wishbones
• One piece solid heat treated stainless steel adjusters
• One piece solid heat treated stainless steel stub axles
• One piece solid heat treated stainless steel steering arms
• Once piece finned 304 stainless steel integral backing plate, brake rotor cover and brake calliper mount
• Stainless components come already polished
• Coil over shocks - Suits 13 inch eye to eye when open, with a ride height of 12 inches
• IFS comes standard with polished caps on ball joints
• Rack and pinion Power steering. Option for brand new manual steering racks with polished alloy housings.
• 10 ¾ inch vented local OEM rotors or you can upgrade to a choice of Wilwood brakes up to 14 inch rotors and 6 pot calipers, or our Big Brake 225mm diameter rotors using local OEM aftermarket components ~ upgrade options are at extra cost
• Best looking IFS around, looks great on High Boy style Hot Rods.

Priced from $5500AUD for a complete front end ready to weld in. Fitting is available at extra cost.

Keep an eye out for our rolling Lakes Hot Rod Parts display coming to a Hot Rod Show or Swap Meet near you. Click Here for swap meets we intend on going to in the near future.


Lakes IFS - Independent Front Suspension

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