Alloy head for the Holden six cylinder 179, 186 & 202 Red motors.
Kustom Bitz can supply you a high performance head for your Holden six cylinder engine. These high performance alloy heads are the Yella Terra brand made by Perfectune Engineering in Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria. Perfectune Engineering has over 45 years experience in manufacturing high performance engine parts.
The head we offer for the Holden Red motor is the same head we offer for the Holden Blue and Black motors. The reason for this is that the later 12 port head is essentially a better design than the older 9 port head so you can produce more usable power and torque for your money. However there are some minor differences that need to be considered and taken into account to be able to run the 12 port head on the older red motor block.
Firstly you will need to run the 12 port intake manifold because the intake ports are taller than the older red motor.
Secondly the red block [shown above] will need to have 4 of the water jacket holes plugged off either side of the outer centre head bolts [circled in red] and be drilled to suit the  water passages in the later 12 port head [Shown in Yellow]. 
Now before you panic and think it is all too hard, it is quite easy and you can do this at home with some simple tools. Of course you will need to use the 12 port head gasket and not the 9 port head gasket. Now I can hear you asking why not drill the head instead? You do not drill the new head because of the differences in the water passages in the head itself.  It is much easier to drill the block of which has simple water passages around each cylinder. Use the 12 port head gasket to mark out the holes on the block deck and drill a round hole, it does not need to be a triangle shape hole like in the gasket. The best way to plug the old water passages in the Holden red block is to tap the holes and plug them with a grub screw or a cut off bolt; be sure that it ends up no higher or less than the deck height of the block otherwise you could end up with a stuffed head or at the very least a head gasket that will not seal.
Apart from those two considerations the 12 port head will bolt up to the early red motor block no problem. In actual fact the revised water passage holes in your early block will now provide better coolant passages through the engine than it once had, which has got to be better for a high performance engine which produces more heat.

For more details on the 12 port head click here.


Holden 6 Cylinder Alloy Head Red motors - Yella Terra

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